Current events Project Synlight

How close do you think we are to making a artificial sun?

We are still rather far off but scientists in Germany have created a way to simulate natural sunlight that’s often in short supply in Germany this time of year. They did it by creating the project known as Project Synlight which is a giant honeycomb like setup of 149 spotlight’s. They are located in Juelich 19 miles west of Koln(Cologne) Germany

The reason this is so note worthy is because it will allow them to work by focusing the entire array on a single 8×8 inch spot they can produce the equivalent of 10,000 times the amount of solar radiation that normally shines on the same surface. It would create furnace like conditions with temperatures up to 5,432 degrees allowing them to test ways to create hydrogen which is not naturally occurring without splitting water into its two components in a process that currently requires a large amount of electricity.

Like it costs 3.8 million dollars to build and needs as much electricity in 4 hours as a 4 person household would use in a whole year. while hydrogen is such a great resource it is not perfect for one thing it is incredibly volatile but it would be a great source of power since it would not contribute to global warming unlike our current method to obtain it by using methane which produces carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide as byproducts.



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