Current events Nintendo Switch cartridges

The Nintendo Switch is released today but not without a interesting choice to try to help the cartridges not being consumed. Each cartridge is coated with a non toxic bittering agent to stop pets and young children from accidentally swallowing the games since they are smaller then the size of the older 3DS cartridges. with it being 3.50 cm × 3.30 cm × 0.38 cm in size.

The specific agent is called denatonium denzoate and is commonly added to products such as paint, nail polish  and even to antifreeze and windshield washer fluid to avoid consumption.

This so far has not actually worked with preventing people from at least trying to eat or taste the cartridges. Such as one person named Mr. Gerstmann explained that he did a taste test of the cartridge on a whim during a live stream for his website, Giant Bomb. Which after he proclaimed “The strange thing about it was it lasted a very long time – for an hour or so afterwards I could still taste it. I had to stop and grab something to eat or drink to get this flavor out of my mouth.”.



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