Current events Tostitos new Party Bag

Tostitos has a new bag they are implementing just in time for the super bowl. It is a limited edition version of the bag just for the super bowl that has some new features in it to make it unique from any other common chip bag.

The special bag created by Goodby Silverstien & partners, comes equipped with a sensor connected to a micro controller calibrated to detect small traces of alcohol on a person’s breath. If any alcohol is detected, the sensor on the front of the bag will turn red and forms the image of a steering wheel, along with an Uber code and a message will pop up saying “Don’t drink and drive”.

The bag also uses near field communication technology, allowing fans to tap the bag with their phone to call a ride and all party goers will get $10 off their Uber ride during and after the Feb 5th game. The bag is not available by being sold or otherwise avaliable to the public.


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