Current events OurMine hacks Netflix


OurMine is one of the lead hacking groups responsible for a large number of recent security breaches recently of major companies twitter accounts such as Wikipedia’s co founder Jimmy Wales, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Chief executive Sundar Pichai. It has even hacked Buzzfeed’s website. It sounds like they could be so malicious but they actually just do it as a test to try to help the company and raise awareness to their company and service of increasing security on high value accounts. The company also offers the ability to raise your emails security of its passwords for a small fee of $10.
When the company hacks a twitter account it just sends out a few tweets supporting their services and then leaves the account alone so far. But as they said so far in a interview with BBC that they still had access to the account and were still posting tweets but they were getting deleted by Twitter support.They had also later on in the day switched targets from netflix to hacking Marvels account.OurMine tweets on the Netflix account

Netflix, Marvel Twitter Accounts Taken Over by Hackers

OurMine hacks Netflix, Marvel Twitter accounts


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