Current events Body heat Smartwatch

Today a company announced that it was working on developing a new smartwatch that will bypass a previous limitation of all wearable smart technology. It will be powered by body heat and will also include a battery that can be charged by excess power created by your body heat.


The company Matrix industry is a  California based company wanting to bypass previous limitation such as needing to take t off and charge the battery. It will charge just by wearing it but there are flaws so far with it such as if you are in a desert and your body is hot and the temperature outside is hot then the watch will not charge much. The ideal situation for the watch is that you re out exercising on a brisk morning.

The reason it will not charge much is because the watch charges by taking your body heat and collecting it through the back of the watch which is now hot and the front and sides are cooler which causes the heat to power electrons that move to the cooler parts of the watch and generate power for the watch and battery to use. The processor is by the company to be the worlds lowest power consuming processor in the world called the AMBI Q.

Hopefully the company can find a way to make it more usable in warm environments with the $346,000 dollars they have already raised for developing the watch from indiegogo.


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